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Many Nations, One People, One Body, One Faith; Serving one God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH was founded in 1912 by Reverend Grant Harris in the home of Reverend and Mrs. Ernest Casson. 722 West Avenue.  Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church of Pleasantville, NJ, is our Mother Church.  The congregation later moved into their Church building at 630 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City, NJ.  This building, along with all records, was destroyed by fire.  After the fire, the congregation held services in the basement of the home of Deacon Lomax, at 634 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City, NJ. The present building (Emmanuel Baptist Church) was purchased in 1927 from a congregation at 10th and Wesley *Avenue, and moved from there to its present site (Shiloh Baptist Church), 9 East 7th Street Ocean City.  Renovations began immediately to enlarge the Church.  The four posts standing in the center of the *main auditorium, and the wall where the hot water heater is located are the only remaining visible portions of the original structure.  The first Church was heated by a hot air system installed in the basement.  Because of this type of heating, it was necessary to conduct services downstairs in the lower auditorium during the winter months.  It was under the pastorate of Reverend G. W. Perkins that the present heating system was installed.

During the early years of Shiloh, Ocean City was a growing city and employment was at its peak.  Being a resort area, the types of jobs available to our people were chambermaids, maids, chauffeurs, butlers, waiters and bellhops.  Many people came from all areas of the North and South for employment, and it was these people who joined with the local residents to make up the church’s membership.  The church was blessed with a congregation so large that it was necessary to arrive extra early to be seated, especially for the Sunday evening services.  Hotel night and Men’s Day were two of the most memorable services.  During this period (1939-1948) the mortgage of the church was terminated and a Mortgage Burning Service was held.  Reverend Perkins was called from labor to reward during his pastorate of 19 years of dedicated service.

Under the leadership of our present pastor, Reverend John T. Winters, the church has continued to prosper.  Improvements under Reverend John T. Winters include:  renovation of the upper auditorium with installation of new carpet, pews and installation of new outer doors in the lower auditorium.  Brother Lee Thomas was ordained as deacon. Minister Gregory Johnson and Minister Anna Livingston were ordained as Reverends.  The church has undergone several renovations; the lower auditorium was completely renovated and bathrooms installed, under the pastorate of Reverend Lafayette Riddick.  The church has been affected by flood waters on several occasions but God has kept the edifice standing. In 2012 another storm came about named Sandy, this storm hit the east coast and destroyed many homes and businesses.  With all the destruction and havoc that was created, Shiloh Baptist Church still stands.

Pastors of Shiloh Baptist Church
Reverend Grant Harris, 1912 1927 Reverend R. A. Johnson 1927-1938
Reverend Ernest Casson (Assistant Pastor), 1920-until his death in the 1930’s
Reverend Clarence Mayo, 1939-1948 (Approx.) Rev. Brydson (Assistant Pastor to Rev. Mayo)
Reverend G. W. Perkins, 1948-1967 Reverend Nicholas J. Tate, 1968-1969
Reverend James L. Birts, 1970-1982 Reverend Lafayette Riddick, 1983-1990
Reverend John T. Winters, 1990-2012
Reverend Livingston & Reverend Johnson (held the church until May 18, 2014)

Current Ordained Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church of Ocean City, NJ

Reverend Paul C. Jerkins, Pastor – Elected May 18, 2014


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